Supporting you to help your people get better at what they need to do

Getting and keeping talented people is a real advantage in today’s economic environment.

Talent Spotting

Finding, supporting and retaining talent is one of the most significant challenges Public Sector employers face today.
Talent management works at the individual level, through coaching and mentoring. It can also be applied through team support. Taking the strategic view, talent management drives the value across the organisation through workforce planning and management development.

Learning and Development Programmes

At Cordoba we know that successful learning and development programmes are a mix of careful planning, structure and focus with the ability to flex, explore and adapt to emerging needs in the Public Sector. We work with you to build the right skills, develop the right behaviours, support employee engagement and improve motivation to ensure your people have the right skills to excel at their job.

Matching roles to the right people and the right skill set

Cordoba Learning and Development services build skills and confidence across your workforce, wherever they are based, so that productivity and results are measurably improved.

Assess, train and develop your people to create real and tangible value.

  • Assessment of people capabilities
  • Building appropriate skills
  • Developing the correct behaviours
  • Improving motivation
  • Retaining Talent

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