Market analysis and Insight that adds real value in the Public Sector

 If you don’t know where you are going how can you get there?

Market Insight

Effective sales strategies and plans depend on real insight into market conditions, the needs of the customer and understanding both the direction of trends and the implications for your organisation. We specialise in researching, analysing and understanding all aspects that impact on your community whether individuals or business constituents.

Commercial Value

Information and Insight alone will not deliver value so at Cordoba our Public Sector marketing practitioners work with you to explore the implications for your organisation and prepare action plans to enable you to derive real benefit.

Communication Improvement Programme

The Communication Improvement Programme is a framework which allows us to review the marketing and communication capabilities of your organisation against your requirements.

It is designed to maximise the effectiveness of communication strategy and programmes through a review of:

  • Desired communication objectives
  • Key activities
  • Departmental capabilities
  • Organisational strategies

Then applying proven methodologies to deliver increased performance.

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