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“It is critical that you give your Sales people the right capabilities and skills to meet today’s fresh challenges and your future sales targets.”

Maximum Sales Effectiveness

We help organisations cope with difficult market conditions through targeted actions; maximising the potential of your best assets and developing strategies for dealing with weak performance.

Measuring the Drivers of Sales Success

Whatever type of sales force your business has or requires the Cordoba Sales Improvement Programme is designed to maximise the effectiveness of your sales force though a review of the key drivers and critical interfaces within your organisation then applying proven methodologies to deliver increased sales success.


Working with you, our expert sales assessors identify the exact requirements of a role or set of roles in terms of behaviour, skills and experience. Using this information we create a detailed profile of each role, the type of individual you need and a set of criteria is generated against which individuals can be assessed and development programmes designed.


We use our proven methodologies to design a cost effective but bespoke process, to assess and then develop the capability of your sales people helping them perform more effectively and deliver added value to the business.

Cordoba Sales Process Development

We identify what you are doing right and create streamlined, flexible and integrated processes. By removing bottlenecks, making information easily available and focusing on world class sales behaviours we can help you transform sales performance across your organisation.

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